Of all things the most surprising in America was its supermarkets. When I first stepped inside a grocery store in USA three things happened: my eyes widened, my jaw dropped and my mind seemed to get stuck like an old computer unable to comprehend new algorithms. Is this a supermarket or a small airport? It took me no less than 2 hours on my first visit to walk down all aisles in unsuccessful attempts to make up my mind about at least some basic products I needed. It was here that I experienced cultural shock. Below are the things that surprised me the most.

1. So many options

what amazed me in american supermarket

Say, I want to buy milk. There’s whole milk, reduced fat 2% milk, 1% milk, no fat milk. Makes sense, but this is just the beginning. There’s also skim milk, soy milk, lactose-free milk, coconut milk, almond milk, rice milk. All of these would usually have organic alternatives. And don’t forget that these are just types of milk; you also have to choose a brand.

About 20 minutes later you made the painful choice of milk – victory! Now all that’s left is to choose bread, yogurt, meat, and cookies. Do I even need to mention all the types of bread here?

choice of bread in american supermarket

I think you get the point. I will just mention that among 175 varieties of bread I found this one the most fascinating:

amazing products in america

First of all, how hard can it be to cut off the crust of your bread? Second, why would you even want to cut the crust off? It’s the best part!

2. Periodic table of elements on ingredients list

8 unsual things in american supermarket

Although there is incredible amount of options to choose from, it is really hard to find a truly natural product in any food category. The picture above featuring bread shelves actually shows only half of the options in supermarket. At the same time, having spent 30 minutes in this aisle and checking labels I found only two (!) brands that didn’t have any chemicals on ingredient list. All you need to make bread is flour, water and yeast. What are other 55 ingredients for?

3. Organic alternatives

surprising things in american supermarket

If you are all for healthy eating and don’t want to consume yellow color №5 and something called guar gum, you can always find an organic alternative. Organic veggies and fruits, organic meat, organic pasta, organic sugar, organic guacamole – you name it! It comes at a higher price but the fact that it is available in a regular supermarket is amazing.

4. The bigger the better

The size of american food

Strawberries the size of apples, apples the size of watermelons. On average most of the fruits and vegetables are about twice bigger in the US in comparison with Russia. It also applies to packaged food. For example, it’s pretty much impossible to find a 1 liter box of milk, normally milk comes in half a gallon box (1,89 L).

5. Crazy flavors

what surprised me in America

You want kale popcorn? You got it! You want coffee creamer with a flavor of chocolate chip cookie? No problem!

Food with weird flavors

I have also seen bacon flavored candy. The line between creative and crazy never seemed so thin.

6. Weigh it yourself

things that surprised me in American supermarket

A section of supermarket where you can fill in a bag with nuts, dried fruits or grains of your choosing, weigh it and print a label all by yourself. How amazing is it that management of supermarket totally trusts its customers? If such a concept was to be introduced in Russia a supermarket would announce bankruptcy in 2 weeks’ time.  People would put nuts in their pockets, purses and mouths instead of bags, or switch labels to pay a lesser price.

7. Peeled and cut-up veggies

American supermarket

For those who are very busy or very lazy. Not only do you get your vegetables peeled and cut you can also choose how they are cut: sticks or cubes? diced or shredded? Anything you like.

8. Peanut butter making machine

what surprised me in american supermarket

One thing I love about USA is how everything is made for people to be comfortable and get the best experience with minimum effort. This machine, in my opinion, is the apotheosis of customer satisfaction philosophy. Grind your own peanut butter right in the supermarket – it doesn’t get more comfortable than this! Of course, there is also a choice of honey roasted peanut butter, organic peanut butter, and peanut butter with dark chocolate.

One thing I regret is that I didn’t write all this down when I just came to USA because after 1,5 years you get used to it and most of the things start to seem normal. So if you have anything to add, please comment below!

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