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Hey there! I am Yulia!

I write stories about food, travel, and things that matter like sustainability and my mild obsession with Hollywood actors. Home is Russia, but I currently live in Germany and eat rye bread with butter every day.

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Food Stories – English

All About the Way People Cook and Eat Around the World

Food Stories

A Year of Seasonal Eating – English

My Monthly Blah-Blah Reports as I Call Them

A Year of Seasonal Eating

Motherhood Section

For All The New Mamas (and Papas) Out There



The Mothereffing Balance

I’ve been contemplating on a subject for October post for a few weeks now. There are plenty of things I want to talk about — motherhood is one topic that is impossible to exhaust. I want to write about judging…

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j is for the boob size

J Is for the Boob Size

It is only after having a child that I learned how deep into the alphabet the letters on bra labels run. Most of my life I had a D cup — a point of shame and frustration at school and…

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The One with All the Sleep

When Kroshka was two or three weeks old my husband and I went out for strolls around the city. Our son easily slept three hours in his stroller so we would make it to the old town, grab a coffee,…

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Side Notes – English

Everything That Doesn’t Technically Fit in This Blog but Has to be Written Anyways

Side Notes

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