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About me

Hey there! I am Yulia!

I write stories about food, travel, and things that matter like sustainability and my mild obsession with Hollywood actors. Home is Russia, but I currently live in Germany and eat rye bread with butter every day.

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Food Stories – English

All About the Way People Cook and Eat Around the World

Food Stories

Food Stories

That’s What She Had in 2020

Writing about the best food I’ve had in a year has become a December ritual. It feels good to sit down and reminisce on all the beautiful places I was lucky enough to visit and the amazing food I tried…

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A Year of Seasonal Eating – English

My Monthly Blah-Blah Reports as I Call Them

A Year of Seasonal Eating

Motherhood Section

For All The New Mamas (and Papas) Out There



Who’s Cut Out to Be A Parent?

Today I met with a friend who has no children for a coffee. It is important to mention that he has no children for a few reasons. The main being that I appreciate friends who have no children and still…

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me time for moms

“Me” Time

Mornings of a stay-at-home mom consist — apart from brushing someone else’s teeth, cooking eggs several different ways according to every family member’s preference and zealously gulping down coffee — of looking longingly at the husband who’s getting ready for…

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Side Notes – English

Everything That Doesn’t Technically Fit in This Blog but Has to be Written Anyways

Side Notes

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