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Poached pear crepe at Le Billig Quebec

3 Must-Eat Foods in Quebec City

I know I use words such as “the best” and “the best I’ve ever had” quite a lot. But, in my defense, I only write about food that was superb and that I fell in love with. Second point in my…

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Old Quebec City streets

One Winter Day in Quebec City

Having lived in Russia for most of my life, I never considered winter vacation a great idea. Actually, it wasn’t even an idea. I had enough snow in my everyday life, so travelling thousands of kilometers to see some more…

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Shakshuka at Jerusalem, Myrtle Beach

Non-touristy Restaurants in Myrtle Beach

Rule №1. When in a new town, ask locals for their favorite restaurants. I am not discovering America here: everybody knows that. But there’s also rule №2 that I hope I invented. Rule №2. When in a new touristy town,…

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