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Side notes

I Am Not Ok

We hit a new low: my country in its insanity and I in levels of frustration and anxiety. Mobilization was declared in Russia, meaning any man of age may be drafted to serve in army and sent to war. They…

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Side notes

To Be Russian Now

When you are a kid all you want for your birthday is a mountain of ice cream, a couple kilos of chocolate and the coolest toy all your friends have at the time. Instead, your grannies present you with underwear…

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Food Stories

Goodbye My Lover

It’s been eight months since I’ve had a slice of bread, a piece of cake, or pancakes. Wait, that’s not quite right. I did eat bread made with almond flour, the cheese part of a cheesecake and buckwheat crepes. What…

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The First Three Months

I am known around the block as that lady who rocks her baby to sleep every time, apparently. The other day, when I was — appropriately — rocking my son in front of my apartment building so I can put…

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