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Buckwheat Pumpkin Pancakes

This recipe for buckwheat pumpkin pancakes is not the first gluten-free recipe on my blog. It is, however, the first gluten-free recipe in which I openly admit that it is gluten-free on purpose, because I am gluten-free. I hope that’s…

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Blinchiki with Meat

Being a nerd that I am, I’ve decided if I am going to write about blini at all, I must cover the topic from every possible angle. Which is why I started with a classic blini recipe, then ventured into…

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Apple Oladushki

Oladushki with apple is my first spin-off on the classic Russian oladushki, plump fluffy pancakes every babushka makes in copious amounts whenever grandkids come over. In the works are oladushki with pumpkin, tvorog, and gingerbread spices. But since it’s fall…

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