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That’s What She Had in 2020

Writing about the best food I’ve had in a year has become a December ritual. It feels good to sit down and reminisce on all the beautiful places I was lucky enough to visit and the amazing food I tried…

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Apple Oladushki

Oladushki with apple is my first spin-off on the classic Russian oladushki, plump fluffy pancakes every babushka makes in copious amounts whenever grandkids come over. In the works are oladushki with pumpkin, tvorog, and gingerbread spices. But since it’s fall…

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Can I Be My Son When I Grow Up?

When I used to read parents’ praise to their babies — usually around the time of the kid’s birthday, usually on social media — all those “you are the best thing that ever happened to me” and “I am learning…

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The Mothereffing Balance

I’ve been contemplating on a subject for October post for a few weeks now. There are plenty of things I want to talk about — motherhood is one topic that is impossible to exhaust. I want to write about judging…

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