Dessert, Recipes

Medvezhiy Cake

If there was a family recipe in my family, this is it right here — Medvezhiy tort, or Bear’s Cake. My mom prepares it every 31st of December, without a fail. Usually early in the morning, before it is time…

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pre-wedding photo

How I Met Your Father

Kroshka, I am gonna tell you an incredible story. A story of how I met your father. Ten years ago, before I was mama, I had this whole other life.  Tada-tada-tada-tada-tada-tada-tada-tada-papa-paaaapaaaaa-papapapa-rararararararararaaaaaaaaa! I do hope you recognized the melody and sang…

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Fall, Preserves, Recipes

Quince Pomegranate Jam

Nothing can prepare you for the robust grainy flesh of quinces hiding behind the innocent bright yellow exterior. A quince might look like a huge apple or “a pregnant pear”, as Bee Wilson, a British food writer, describes it, but…

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