galle fort collage

Don’t Look for Meaning Here

In the past two months I’ve come to realize that the speed of my writing on the topic of motherhood is directly proportional to my level of exhaustion. A ton of work, sleepless nights, cranky toddler? I type away into…

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Food Stories

That’s What She Had in 2021

Cooking other people’s recipes is a joy. Because once you make it, it feels almost like the amazing result belongs to you wholly. You were the one who went out and did groceries. You peeled, and washed, and cut, and…

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Yulia beach collage

Never Not Exhausted

A few weeks before leaving Nuremberg for Hamburg, I frenziedly booked dinners at my favorite restaurants, ran around the Old Town soaking up every detail close to my heart, and looked for souvenirs that would remind me of the city…

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platz am tiergärtnertor nuremberg old town

Nuremberg Old Town: a Local’s Guide

I live within fifteen minutes walk from Nuremberg Old Town. It’s incredible how being so close to beauty, so immersed in history makes it feel almost ordinary. Why yes, I had my lunch at the restaurant that’s been serving bratwurst…

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