Run, Yulia, run!

Sometimes I imagine how I wake up before dawn, wash my face, and tie my hair in a bun. I don’t eat, I don’t check my phone, I don’t wake anyone up. I put sports shoes on, go out of…

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harry collage

My Latest Crush Is Harry Styles

I may be late to the game, but I think I am in love with Harry Styles. I can even pinpoint the moment this obsession started. I was scrolling through reels on Instagram, when I came across a 15-second video…

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Side notes

To Be Russian Now

When you are a kid all you want for your birthday is a mountain of ice cream, a couple kilos of chocolate and the coolest toy all your friends have at the time. Instead, your grannies present you with underwear…

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anna jones squash ricotta pancakes
Fall, Mains, Recipes, Winter

Buckwheat Pumpkin Pancakes

This recipe for buckwheat pumpkin pancakes is not the first gluten-free recipe on my blog. It is, however, the first gluten-free recipe in which I openly admit that it is gluten-free on purpose, because I am gluten-free. I hope that’s…

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Food Stories

Goodbye My Lover

It’s been eight months since I’ve had a slice of bread, a piece of cake, or pancakes. Wait, that’s not quite right. I did eat bread made with almond flour, the cheese part of a cheesecake and buckwheat crepes. What…

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Don’t Look for Meaning Here

In the past two months I’ve come to realize that the speed of my writing on the topic of motherhood is directly proportional to my level of exhaustion. A ton of work, sleepless nights, cranky toddler? I type away into…

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