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About me

Hey there! I am Yulia!

I write stories about food, travel, and things that matter like sustainability and my mild obsession with Hollywood actors. Home is Russia, but I currently live in Germany and eat rye bread with butter every day.

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Food Stories – English

All About the Way People Cook and Eat Around the World

Food Stories

breakfast spread collage
Food Stories

Simply Complicated Food

When I was a kid, I was sure my parents had me only so I did the chores they didn’t want to do themselves. Like going out for bread on a Sunday morning. “Yulyosha, can you run out and get…

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collage best food 2022
Food Stories

That’s What She Had in 2022

In the past year I barely cooked anything new. When I did it was mainly in summer, those three wonderful months when farmer’s markets were overflowing with freshly dug out goodness, when the stove was mostly off giving way to…

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croissant paris collage
Food Stories

Goodbye My Lover

It’s been eight months since I’ve had a slice of bread, a piece of cake, or pancakes. Wait, that’s not quite right. I did eat bread made with almond flour, the cheese part of a cheesecake and buckwheat crepes. What…

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A Year of Seasonal Eating – English

My Monthly Blah-Blah Reports as I Call Them

A Year of Seasonal Eating

Motherhood Section

For All The New Mamas (and Papas) Out There



The Argument

We have this ongoing argument with my husband where he says something like “What got you here won’t get you there” — not meaning me in particular, but rather generally speaking — or “We need to go that extra mile”…

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risotto collage

Mom Says

Mom says I need a multicooker. Mom says going to the market to buy dandelion leaves takes up too much time. Mom says oats will do for a simple weekday breakfast, no need to make waffles. Mom is not wrong,…

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Side Notes – English

Everything That Doesn’t Technically Fit in This Blog but Has to be Written Anyways

Side Notes

collage new year
Side notes

Hello 2023! Please, Have Mercy!

“I don’t know what I think until I write it down.”  Joan Didion Where do I even start? Maybe I should tell you all about how 2022 was a challenging year. Wait, I have already. I’ve been singing the same…

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Acadia park maine
Side notes

I Am Not Ok

We hit a new low: my country in its insanity and I in levels of frustration and anxiety. Mobilization was declared in Russia, meaning any man of age may be drafted to serve in army and sent to war. They…

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Side notes

To Be Russian Now

When you are a kid all you want for your birthday is a mountain of ice cream, a couple kilos of chocolate and the coolest toy all your friends have at the time. Instead, your grannies present you with underwear…

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